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 | 08 Dec 2020

From Monterey to Cape May, USA, here we come :)

The Honu launch into USA has been in our plans since early in 2019. While the team was busy re-designing the current range top to bottom, we were also quietly looking into various USA based options. March 2021 will mark the next expansion of Honu with the opening of a warehouse and repair center in Salt Lake City. Woot Woot!



USA flag and beach view



USA paddleboarders can expect the same level of customer service, quality, and after-sales support we offer Downunder in Australia, along with the same mix of engineered and beautifully designed products.


Answers to the burning questions...

Q: Where will Honu be located. Can I visit the office/store?

A: Our warehouse will be located in Salt Lake City. We don't plan on having a showroom/office as we intend to keep the same online model we have in Australia. A lean business model means better value for our customers.

 Honu boards lineup


Q: But how do I deal with warranty or repair claims... And will you still offer FREE repair for 4 years.

A: So glad you asked :) We will still offer our industry-leading 2+2 warranty that includes FREE repair for 4 years. We will have 1 or 2 repair centers setup for hassle-free service.


Paddle Boarding


Q: What about shipping & Returns?

A: Simple. Free & Free... OK, long answer. Free to all continental states, Sorry Hawaii & Alaska. Check-in with us on that.


Honu boards delivery


Q: What comes with your inflatable paddleboards?

A: Boards come with a heavy-duty bag, pump, leash, and fins. Just chose your preferred board, then bundle in your paddle. You have everything you need to hit the water.

 Honu Bondi board bundle with leash, bag and pump

Q: Why don't you include a paddle by default.

A: Paddles are very personal and are a crucial part of your paddleboarding kit. We wanted to give folks the option to chose the best blade for themselves in place of including something they may or may not want.


Honu boards and paddle

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