04 May 2023

Over the last two years, the rising storage & fulfilment costs across the USA have been extraordinary. What started with Freight during COVID spiking to 10X normal levels, has now made its way to last mile fulfilment with rising costs of fuel and labour.

These factors have led to our costs to deliver our products to our community doubling. While throughout this same period we have held our prices, and in many cases even reduced them.

Unfortunately, we can no longer absorb these increases and so will be revising prices across the entire Honu range. We even considered introducing a delivery charge for boards due to their box sizes, but have decided against it. 
You will see small price increases across the entire range, plus a reduction in the bundling discount we offer. This will become 10% in place of the 20% we currently have. 

Honu boards & paddles will still represent the absolute best value for high quality and performance gear, even after the price rises. 

Prices will start to happen from May 15th