SUP Boarder Mag Review - The Honu Fairlight

 | 06 Apr 2022

SUP Boarder Mag Review - The Honu Fairlight

We have released the Fairlight earlier this year and it has been receiving a lot of compliments from our customers! Recently SUPBOARDER made a review about the Honu Fairlight and we are thrilled to share with you what they have said! 



"The Honu Fairlight is the top pick in the Honu range for paddlers who want a stable board that you can use in lots of water conditions. It’s best suited for those who love to practice yoga, want to paddle with the kids or dog on their board and riders who weigh over 85kg.


As a 4.72″ thick board, we hardly recommend these for heavier riders, but Honu have created a board that caters to larger riders. We are impressed with Honu’s design elements to make this board a great performer on the water. Plus, it’s pretty light weight!


The 4.7″ design gives you added stability, whilst the front and rear handles are a welcome addition. New for 2022 is a smaller fin box which makes rolling up the board easier and the accessories you get with the package are top notch."


Watch the full review of Beau Nixon from SUPboarder below!



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