Top 10 Places to Go SUP-ing in the USA

 | 23 Jul 2021

It’s officially summer in the USA… and what’s a better way to spend summer than by being in the water! Whether it be swimming, boating, or paddleboarding, a great way to cool off is by hanging out at your local beach or favorite lake.

So to keep your summer fun and active yet refreshing, here are 10 amazing places in the USA where you can enjoy SUP-ing...

1. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

This freshwater lake is a really famous paddleboarding spot, with a lot of SUP events taking place here. Lake Tahoe features super clear blue waters… so clear that you can see the breathtaking underwater life, up to 70 feet deep. Definitely a top SUP spot!



2. Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah

Imagine paddling in surreal blue waters, with lots of caves to explore, and red-rock canyons as your backdrop. That’s Lake Powell for you. And because it’s so huge, this SUP spot never feels crowded. Your very own private SUP paradise with a matchless view.



3. Florida Keys, Florida

Of course Florida has to be on the list. Surrounded by water, this state has a big and thriving SUP community. If you want to experience rich marine life, Carribbean-like waters, and gorgeous mangrove forests, try SUP-ing in the Florida Keys… it’ll take your breath away.



4. Oahu, Hawaii

Ahhh, Hawaii, it’s heaven on earth. And did you know that Hawaii happens to be the origin of SUP? So you can be absolutely sure of an amazing SUP experience here. Head to Sunset Beach, in the north shore of Oahu, for the ultimate paddleboarding spot. You can check out Lanikai Beach, Puaena Point, and Haleiwa too.



5. Glacier Bay, Alaska

Okay this may not be your common “summer SUP spot,” but Glacier Bay is still worth mentioning. With its breathtaking glaciers and snow-capped mountains, this arctic wonderland is perfect for the brave paddlers who want to experience an unforgettable SUP adventure.



6. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

With over 100 lakes all accessible by paddleboard, the things you’ll see and experience in Grand Teton are endless. Head to Jackson Hole if you want to try windsurfing with your SUP. If you prefer a more relaxing activity like doing SUP yoga or just cruising around the waters, Two Ocean Lake and Emma Matilda Lake are perfect.



7. San Diego, California

No doubt San Diego has to be on this list. With perfect weather year-round, this sunny city is a SUP lover’s dream. If you want to spot some rays, leopard sharks, jelly fish, and turtles, head to La Jolla Cove, which is a local marine sanctuary. If you’re interested in a leisurely paddle, check out Del Mar, it’s known for its flat waters.



8. Lake Martin, Alabama

Paddling in a bayou, let’s do it! For a mystical paddleboarding adventure, Lake Martin is right for you. It’s eerie yet gorgeous at the same time. Squeeze through the cypress trees as you paddle through the waters. Note that the waters are muddy and vegetation-filled, but that’s all part of the unique SUP experience you get here.



9. Manhattan, New York

Nothing quite like the sights and wonders of the Big Apple. But imagine taking them in from the water… ups the experience to a whole new level. Cruise the waters on your paddleboard and enjoy the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan Skyline. A true bucket-list experience!



10. Tennessee River, Tennessee/Alabama

What’s so great about this SUP spot is that as you paddle along the river, you get to pass by some towns and a few major cities. So you’re basically touring the state on your SUP! Some of the best SUP-ing sports also take place in the Tennesse River.




With so many spectacular SUP spots in the USA, we encourage you to head out and start paddling. There’s just so much beauty to see and explore, and doing it on your SUP offers a whole different experience—trust us!

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