World Oceans Day: What Is It About and How Can I Make a Difference?

 | 11 Jun 2021



On June 8, people from all over the world gathered together virtually and celebrated World Oceans Day. But what’s it all about... what’s the big deal?In these changing times, one thing remains constant: the ocean and how it acts as a source of life and livelihood to millions around the globe.Covering over 70% of the planet and producing at least 50% of the Earth’s oxygen, and with an estimated 40 million people being employed by ocean-based industries by 2030, the ocean is a life source that we cannot exist without.Just by going through those facts alone, it’s easy to say how the ocean truly is essential to life. The air we breathe, the food we eat, a big chunk of the livelihood our world supports are all possible because of the ocean itself. If there’s one thing that’s elemental to the working order of our planet, it’s the ocean.





There’s some bad news though. Over the years, big fish populations have depleted by over 90% and 50% of coral reefs have been destroyed. We’re taking way too much, way too fast from our oceans. Think of it this way: you’re the ocean, you’re made to work 24/7, you’re never given the opportunity to take a break, you’re feeling overworked and exhausted, and the worst part, you have no idea when all this will end! You continuously giveyour all, but you’re not receiving anything in return. Eventually, you’re going to give up, right? The ocean is no different.If the ocean is such a huge part of our lives, why isn’t it being treated the way it deserves to be treated? That is, with utmost love, care, and support.





The people behind World Oceans Day believe that in order for us to help save our oceans effectively, we need to first be connected to the ocean itself. A deep, clear understanding of the ocean and how humanity relates to it are what will better equip everyone to protect and preserve our blue planet.In fact, at Honu, we share the same view. We believe that there is nothing quite like the ocean to connect us to ourselves and our place in the world. Because we love the ocean so much, we have made it a point to donate 1% of every product we sell to ocean-preserving initiatives. Also, we consider ourproducts to be eco-friendly. Because of the woven drop-stitch technology behind our products, we have paddleboards that are much stronger—and therefore require less plastic to create.





World Oceans Day raises global awareness of the ocean’s importance to human life and our fundamental responsibility to use its resources sustainably. This day unites the world to restore our beautiful ocean and all itsustains.So let’s “Stand Up” for our oceans. Here are 4 easy-to-do action steps you can take to lower your impact on the ocean:


1. Pick up pieces of trash that would likely end up in the ocean

2. Stop using single-use plastic grocery bags

3. Never ever buy beauty products that have micro-beads in them... you know, those tiny plastic balls that will make you look younger

4. Where you can, avoid using heavy chemical cleaning products and make the switch to more natural alternatives





    We know as a manufacturer of products that we are a part of the problem as well. And we have a long way to go to being as “eco” as we want to be. But we’re committed to continuing to lower our impact on the ocean and our planet in general. Small, continuous improvements over time can add up to big change.



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    World Oceans Day: What Is It About and How Can I Make a Difference?
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    11 Jun 2021
    One Ocean Film Tour

    Honu is proud to be sponsoring the One Ocean Film tour this year, which will debut in cinemas and online on World Ocean's Day from 8 June 2021.  


    In recognition of our ocean-loving community, one ticket holder in Australia and the USA will be selected to win a Honu SUP package.  We look forward to sharing this spectacular visual journey with you!  

    18 May 2021
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