Calling All Honu Gang Members

26 Apr 2023

This post is for all our many customers from around the world. If you have enjoyed your experience with Honu the brand and/or the product, we would like to ask you a favour...

Mark was just in a meeting with our media manager who noted that our customers have a lot of good things to say about us all over the internet. But, we don't actually have any video testimonials that we could use in our marketing. So if you are someone that would be happy to help a small scrappy challenger brand (us) we would love your help. 

We need simple videos shot of our customers, ideally with our products telling folks about your experience. Videos just need to be shot via a mobile device, smartphone or similar and don't need to be edited in any way. We can do that. 

For every customer who does send us a video, that we can use, we will repay this favour with more than just a HUGE thank you. 


Here is the brief: 

  • With one of your Honu products in shot with you. Board, paddle or bag even. Tell us about your experience with your Honu products and Honu in general if you feel you had a good experience.

  • Speak like you are talking to a friend, as if you would be answering questions about your board, paddle, etc.

  • If you can be at your favourite paddling spot, great, but it's not necessary. In your back yard, garage or living room are perfectly Okay also.


To help; here are some prompting questions to get you thinking...

    1. What was it you were looking for when searching and came across Honu? 

    2. What stood out to you about Honu and made you chose them as a brand? 

    3. Now that you have your products, what is it you love the most about it? 

    4. How was your experience dealing with Honu the brand? 


    Completed videos should be emailed to directly or via a download link as the file may be too large to email. is a good free service that can be used. 



    • Videos will be edited and used across Honu social media accounts only. 

    • The "thank you" gift will be given as Honu store credit.

    • The thank you gift will be given only if we can use your video.

    • Videos are needed ASAP but before: May 3rd.

    • The videos we do or do not use is at our sole discretion.