Honu Sorrento: TEST WINNER 2021 of SUPBOARDER PRO’s Inflatable Touring Test

20 Aug 2021

The 2021 Inflatable Touring head-to-head test is the biggest test SUP Boarder Pro has ever done. And we could not believe our eyes when our very own Sorrento took out one of the categories... And in fact, rated the highest of any board on test. 

Lasting around 2 months, with 8 testers, and 22 boards, this is the first time SUP Boarder Pro has ever put inflatable touring boards head to head. Because they wanted the test to show and highlight the full depth of the different types of touring boards, they’ve selected boards between 11-14 feet, with a range of width from 29-32 inches.

SUP Boarder Pro has also decided to categorize the Test Winners into three groups: Day Touring, Overnight Touring, Multi-Day/Expedition Touring.


A close up photo of the HONU Sorrento 12'6 Touring stand up paddleboard

After loads and loads of tests, they’ve finally come up with 3 Test Winners! Keep reading to find out. :)

The 22 Touring Boards

In order of lowest to highest price…


2. JP-Australia Cruisair SL 12’6”x31” (2021)

3. ITIWIT TOURING ADVENTURE 13’0”x31” (2021)

4. Gladiator 12’6T Double Layer Fusion 12’6”x32” (2021)


6. STX Tourer FXL 12’6”x32” (2021)

7. Shark Touring SFT 12’6”x32”x6” (2021)

8. LUUM SUPRAMAR 356 X-T Double Layer Fusion 11’8”x32” (2021)

9. Fatstick Touring Fusion Double Skinned 12’6”x31” (2021)


11. Sandbanks Sports Touring Art 12’0”x30” (2021)

12. Honu Sorrento 12’9 x 30”

13. HATHA STRIDE 13’0”x30”

14. 2021 Thurso Surf Expedition 11’6 x 30” Touring iSUP

15. 2021 Quroc AllWater 13’0”x31” inflatable touring board

16. Fanatic Ray Air Enduro Premium Double Layer Light 13’0”x30” (2021)

17. Fit Ocean Force Touring iSUP review 13’2”x30” (2020)

18. SIC OKEANOS AIR GLIDE 11’0”x29” (2021)

19. Bluefin 14’ Sprint Carbon

20. RRD Air Cruiser 12’0”x31” (2021)

21. Starboard Touring Deluxe Double Chamber (DDC) 12’6”x30” (2021)

22. Red Paddle Co Voyager MSL 13’2”x30” (2021)


**We have included the test results below if you are keen to dig into the detail about how each board performed in each category. 

The Test Winners

Best Day Touring

• Day Touring boards have front bungees
• They can be used for overnight or multi-day trips, however, they’re not as set up as overnight and multi-day boards
• These boards are great if you just want to go day touring

1st - JP-Australia CruisAir SL
2nd - Itiwit Touring
3rd - STX Touring Race


Best Overnight Touring

• Overnight Touring boards have front bungees as well as rear bungees
• This extra set of bungees allow for more gear, making it perfect for overnight trips
• These boards also have front and rear handles, making carrying a fully-loaded board (for overnight trips) so much easier

1st - Honu Sorrento 

We apologize for the sound quality. :) You can check out the full review here: INFLATABLE TOURING TEST 2021 / SUPBOARDER PRO HEAD TO HEAD

2nd - Fit Ocean Force
3rd - Gladiator 12’6” T


Best Multi-Day Touring

• Multi-Day Touring boards have front and rear bungees and front and rear handles as well as portage handles or carrying straps
• These boards are really well set up for a multi-day adventure

1st - Quroc Allwater
2nd - Starboard Touring
3rd - Red Paddle Co Voyager

Final Word

We are beyond humbled and excited for our Sorrento Touring board to have been selected as SUP Boarder Pro’s TEST WINNER 2021 in the Best Overnight Touring category! This is seriously big news for us. :)


For a more detailed and thorough review on all 22 boards, check out INFLATABLE TOURING TEST 2021 / SUPBOARDER PRO HEAD TO HEAD on SUP Boarder Pro. This Inflatable Touring Test will really help you understand what type of touring you might want to do (Day, Overnight, Multi-Day) and what inflatable touring board might be right for you.



A chart of the SUP Boarder Pro Test Results for their Inflatable Touring Boards Test 2021