Begin Your Journey: New Year's Paddling Inspiration 2024

24 Jan 2024

As we step into a brand new year, let's continue embracing the spirit of adventure! The beauty of SUP boarding goes beyond being a refreshing physical activity. And yes! It opens the door to a world of inspiration and exploration. In this article, we'll delve into paddling inspirations, offering you a kickstart for your SUP boarding ventures.


Reflect on the Past, Paddle into the Future

The beginning of a new year is an opportune time to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future. SUP boarding offers a unique platform to do just that, allowing you to navigate serene waters while contemplating personal goals and aspirations. Whether you seek tranquillity or adrenaline-pumping excitement, the paddleboard becomes your vessel for self-discovery and growth. 


Uncover Hidden Gems: New Year, New Paddle Paths

One of the best things about paddleboarding is the ability to explore hidden gems that traditional travel may overlook. By adding new experiences in places you haven’t been to, it can provide a fresh perspective for yourself or your SUP buddy in this new year!

Now, let's highlight some destinations you might have missed paddling in the previous year, but are a must-visit for 2024 around the world!


1. Lake Bled, Slovenia: Consider this breathtaking scenery in the Julian Alps, where you can paddle to a picturesque island and a mediaeval castle.


2. Paihia, New Zealand: If you love exploring lush greenery and marine life, consider a trip to the Bay of Islands in Paihia, where emerald waters and hidden coves await!


3. Hallstatt, Austria: Paddleboarding on Lake Hallstatt provides a unique perspective of historic architecture and stunning mountains.


4. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand: Hidden lagoons, coral reefs, and limestone cliffs rising from turquoise waters surround the Phi Phi Islands. Add this place to your list!


5. Lofoten Islands, Norway: Come and paddle into fjords surrounded by snow-capped peaks, spotting wildlife here in Lofoten Islands!


6. Lake Tahoe, USA: Known for its crystal-clear waters and mountainous backdrop, the lake offers a serene paddleboarding experience. Definitely one to add to your bucket list!


7. Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia: As one of Europe's oldest and deepest lakes, Lake Ohrid is perfect for history lovers, with ancient churches, charming villages, and pristine landscapes along its shores.


8. Cape Tribulation, Australia: Head to the northern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef and paddle the waters around Cape Tribulation. Explore mangrove forests, encounter diverse marine life, and witness the unique convergence of the rainforest and the reef!


9. Loch Ness, Scotland: Paddle boarding on Loch Ness provides a different perspective of this legendary lake. Soak in the scenic Scottish Highlands, and who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Nessie!


10. Uepi Island, Solomon Islands: Lastly, discover the amazing SUP paradise of UEPI Islands! Situated in the South Pacific, UEPI offers a tranquil and thrilling setting for paddle boarding. Glide through the crystal-clear lagoons, uncovering hidden coves, and encountering a vibrant array of marine life. From peaceful sunrise paddles to exhilarating coastal explorations, UEPI Islands provide an unparalleled SUP experience.

The list could go on, but this will give you a head start on where to paddle, no matter where you are in the world!

Set Paddleboard Goals for 2024

You might be wondering, how can I balance my lifestyle to add adventure in 2024?

The Answer. Having clear objectives adds excitement and motivation to your paddling pursuits!

As you jump into your paddling this year, consider setting specific goals for your paddleboard adventures. Why not try mastering a new skill, learning advanced paddle strokes, exploring SUP camping, or conquering longer distances? Some enthusiasts even create map art as they paddle for the day. Maybe it’s time for a  paddleboard event that offers the chance to challenge yourself and make new friends in the world of SUP?

Embrace Seasonal Paddling Challenges

Each season brings its own challenges to the paddling experience, and while these challenges may vary by country, adapting your activities for changing seasons is an awesome addition to your SUP journey!

From winter paddles in colder temperatures that may require a wetsuit to facing cooler waters and exploring snow-covered landscapes, to springtime adventures navigating through rain and wind amid blossoming flowers, and enjoying sun-soaked waters and longer paddles in the summer months, the paddling journey evolves with the changing seasons. 

Paddling in the fall might involve navigating through vibrant foliage and relishing the tranquillity of lakes and rivers before winter sets in. 

By embracing these seasonal paddling challenges, individuals can keep their paddleboarding routine dynamic, exciting, and in harmony with the changing natural surroundings. This approach not only adds variety to the paddling experience but also fosters a deeper connection with nature throughout the year.


Connect with the Paddling Community

The paddling community is vast and welcoming, providing a network of like-minded individuals eager to share experiences and tips. Some may focus on getting quality equipment, a source to get new paddling destinations and events, or paddling advice that could help you along the way. 

You may consider joining local paddle boarding groups, participating in events, or engaging with the online community to connect with fellow enthusiasts can help you be inspired with the said sport! The shared passion for paddling fosters a sense of camaraderie and opens doors to new friendships and adventures.

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Invest in Quality Gear

And lastly, how about kicking off the new year with an upgrade? Upgrading your paddle boarding gear can genuinely transform your experience on the water. Various brands, including HONU, offer premium-quality equipment. Because, there really is a big difference between a cheap brand vs a premium board. And yes, Investing in gear that aligns with your paddling style and preferences can elevate your overall experience. 

You may also consider getting a SUP E-pump this year, so you can save more time while preparing for your SUP journey. The right equipment enhances your paddling experience, ensuring you're prepared for whatever challenges the new year may bring.



We hope that this inspires you to begin your journey this year with a new level of excitement and enthusiasm. Let paddling be the catalyst for embracing an adventurous 2024. Don’t stop exploring, be inspired by what nature can give us through paddling!

So, dust off your paddle board, set your goals high, find like-minded people who enjoy the sport, invest in high-quality gear, and let the ocean guide you into a year filled with exciting paddling adventures.