Affiliate Program


The Honu Affiliate Program lets paddleboarding enthusiasts turn their passion into a living by earning commissions through their creative content or communities.

Our Program

When we make a sale to a customer referred from your web site or social media account, you earn a commission. We handle all of the transaction details.  It's that easy.

Become an Affiliate

To qualify for the Honu affiliate program, you would usually be a content creator or host a  community forum that includes paddle boarders.  A few examples of these would be Paddle-boarding, Outdoor or Adventure Travel Sites, Forums or Vlogs, Product Review Sites or Social Media accounts (with a focus on SUPs,  adventure travel or outdoor communities).

Please reach out to us at if you’re a content creator that is not in one of the above categories and you’re interested in applying.

We typically don’t work with Coupon code or Loyalty programmes.


Get Started Today

Our program is free and easy to join.  If you are a new member, please click the link below.  This will take you to our affiliate partner AvantLink, who will provide further details on the terms of our program. 

An expert team is available to answer all questions.

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