Drew David

Perth - Western Australia

Drew is an outdoorsman and nature/adventure-based photographer who exists in a state of travel and adventure in the constant search of glassed-off SUP conditions in remote locations along the Western Australian coast and inland water bodies. For Drew it's about the adventure and finding solitude on his SUP in locations many people would dream of reaching and paddle boarding in.

Where possible, Drew often is accompanied by his vertically challenged miniature dachshund ‘Maple’; with her short paddle paws, she is excited to be on a SUP above the waterline with the breeze in her ears directing her hooman where to paddle.




Molly 'the border collie dog' lives in one of the world's most stunning and wild places. Molly likes to take her hooman, JK, on adventures in their van all over Tasmania, but particularly enjoys heading up the East Coast to the stunning Bay of Fires area.

Molly loves to take JK out on their Byron board in and around historic Hobard on the Derwent river and South Arm Beaches. Molly has also been teaching her mate Maverick how to SUP as he is only a beginner. Molly, Maverick & JK inspire us to get out more, see new places, and have more fun.

We are honoured and privileged to have them as Honu ambassadors.




Paul lives in what you might call the spirit home of surfing in Australia. With famous spots such as Bells Beach and Jan Juc right on his doorstep, Paul shares his stoke for SUP surfing regularly.

If anyone in the world could inspire you to take your SUP out and catch some waves, Paul will. His enthusiasm is contagious, which you will quickly see when checking out his feed on Instagram

Paul is our Soul SUP surfing ambassador, and we are stoked to have him!