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SUP Accessories

Essential items to help make the most of your time on the water

SUP Accessories

The Right SUP accessories are crucial to ensure you not only have fun when you're out on the water, but your equipment lasts a long time. Every Honu accessory, like our boards, has been carefully designed from the ground up. Every detail has been thought about and deliberately chosen to ensure it performs well and will do so for a long time.

The only exception to this rule is the HP8 pump by GRI. We decided long ago that every Honu product had to be best in class, no exception. With that in mind, we chose to partner with GRI as they have been making the industry's best pumps for many years.

We have more accessories in design and will continue to release new products over time. Product design is a slow and painstaking process, and when every product must be best in class, progress is slow. But this slow progress means you can be 100% confident in every Honu product you purchase, from T-shirts and bags through to our premium paddleboards and paddles.