See why people choose Honu

Lighter boards with superior strength & performance on the water that are more affordable than Red Paddle Co


Lighter boards with superior strength & performance on the water that are more affordable than Red Paddle Co


How We Stack Up

PRICE $977 $1,299
PADDLE Carbon shaft - Nylon blade Alloy shaft - Nylon blade
BAG Heavy duty roller bag Heavy duty roller bag
ACCESSORIES Double action pump - Fins - Leash Dual chamber pump - Fins - Leash
Material X-Woven & Fused Double Layer

(PVC fibers are woven like carbon added strength and reduced weight)

Double Layer MSL

(fusion of layers - no glue)

Rail Construction Triple Layer Rail Double Layer Rail
Board Weight 7.7 Kg 9.95 Kg
Board Thickness 4.7’ 4.7’
Warranty 2 Year replacement 5 Years
FREE Repair for damage by any means 4 Years FREE repair

(No matter what happened)

Delivery & Returns Free Shipping & Returns Free Shipping

What Paddlers Are Saying

I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one of the Byron boards while you can! The Honu team have been incredible and are so lovely in every regard. Will definitely be coming back to buy another board really soon!! Would 100% recommend this company for all your paddleboard wants and needs.

Amy B - Victoria

This is the second SUP I have bought from Honu. The first board is 3 years old and still perfect!

Adam W

am super super happy with my Byron SUP! the quality is amazing and everything it comes with (bag, pump, etc. ) is also of exceptional quality. the board deflates into a perfect travel size with a bag that fits everything and more, it is perfect for any trip and a perfect fit for the car.

Taylor - Victoria


Product design is the never-ending pursuit of perfection. We strive to deliver engineered performance and create beautifully designed products while always seeking to minimise our impact. 

Designed & Durable

Every detail of each accessory has been carefully considered. Each item must provide exceptional quality and designed to last. GRI produces our pumps, an industry leader in their field. And this is why they come with all Honu boards. They are the best and made to stand up to years of punishment.

Light & Strong

The X-woven material that is used with Honu boards is the most advanced material available today. Not only is it considerably lighter than MSL boards, but the carbon-like woven pattern also makes the boards perform better. For a 10'6 board, you can expect your Honu to be more than 2.5 kg lighter. This weight saving, combined with all the accessories, provides a package that is around 5 Kg lighter, making Honu boards much easier to move around

4 Years Total Care

The 2+2 Guarantee is our commitment to you that we'll have your back if something goes wrong. And this goes beyond manufacturing issues. We want our boards to stay on the water long term, and so that is why we will repair your board of any damage caused by any means. It doesn't matter what happened. If your board has an issue and you want it fixed. We'll do it. It's really that simple.