What are the 3 Highlights of Our Upgraded BONDI '22?

29 Oct 2021

2021 is coming to a close, and we’ve finally started releasing our 2022 range of boards. It’s some pretty exciting stuff.

Along with our newest board, the Fairlight, and our upgraded Byron ’22, we also released an upgraded version of our Bondi Hybrid Surf.

What to expect from it?

Our Bondi SUP is the board for surfing. It’s perfect for those who want to hit up their local surfing break with absolute confidence. We designed this board to be light, fast, and responsive. It performs really well in the surf, but it’s also great on flat water for a chilled-out cruise.

But what are the improvements we’ve made to it?



If you ask us what new feature we’re most proud of in our 2022 range of boards, it would have to be our newly designed Honu 185 Fin Box.

The groundbreaking design allows you to fit whatever type of fin you prefer. So be it a standard 9” surf fin like the FCS II fin that now comes with the board, or some super fancy fin you found many years ago that you love. You can choose. While this doesn’t seem special to many people, those who know, know. So the all new Bondi ‘22 can support those with a healthy fin obsession.

You may be thinking, “It can fit a variety of fins, but does it take up a large area of the board?” The answer is no. In fact, the total length of the Honu 185 Fin Box is only 275mm. This is 55mm shorter than the market-leading fin box brand. Why does this matter? Because the fin box does not take up as much area on the board, rolling up the board is way easier. The smaller the area the fin box takes up, the easier it is to pack away your board.


Fins of the upgraded Bondi '22 hybrid surf stand-up paddleboard


So this upgraded fin box can:

1. fit more than one type of fin
2. has a small footprint on the board...


but is it strong and durable? Well, we couldn’t break it—even when destruction testing in the factory included presses and weighted drop tests.



Oh and did we mention this fin box design is absolutely unique to Honu?

To find out more, check out What’s the Craze About Honu’s Newly Designed 185 Fin Box?


Back of the upgraded Bondi '22 hybrid surf stand-up paddleboard



For our 2022 boards, we decided to go with the Bravo SUPer pump. As its name suggests, it’s a “super” pump. It’s the lightest and most powerful hand pump available. The hose and gauge attach the body and not the handle, which is so much better. For these reasons, we knew it was something we had to include in the Honu package. We’re sure our paddlers will appreciate this Bravo SUPer pump just as much as we do.


The Bravo SUPer pump



Our Bondi SUP has two colours: Outer Reef and Surf Break. We’ve kept the Outer Reef:


Outer Reef color of the Bondi


But tweaked the colors of the Surf Break a bit. We think it looks more sophisticated now. See it for yourself...

From this...


Original Surf Break color of the Bondi


To this...


Upgraded Surf Break color of the Bondi '22


We made sure to keep the colors fun, but just made it a tad bit more sophisticated. Notice the change from the color pink to a bright red?

The upgraded Bondi ’22 is live now on the website. It comes in two different colors: Surf Break and Outer Reef. Check them out now!


Close-up of the Bondi '22 hybrid surf stand-up paddleboard