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SUP Paddles


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SUP Paddles

Both refined and superbly engineered, this is the SUP paddle range of the future. The precision shape, materials, and construction methods were designed from the ground up, taking 12 months to complete the product development process.  Our design philosophy was to deliver outstanding performance and value at every level, from the entry-level Element with fiberglass shaft to the Evolution series crafted from the most advanced materials available.

While SUP paddles are an afterthought for many manufacturers, we spent a year engineering a range that would be lightweight, efficient, and correctly sized for each paddler.  This is to ensure everyone can find the correct paddle shape and size for their needs to enhance stability, control, and even reduce injury.

All Honu paddles come with a heavy-duty nylon travel bag. Not only is this the best way to reduce plastic packaging throughout the manufacturing and transport process, but it also helps to increase the lifespan of the paddle.