Evolution Odyssey

Evolution Odyssey

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An ultra-light 4-peice paddle crafted with 12K carbon that features a precision hex joint system and anti-twist handle designed for compact storage.

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  • Weighs just 670 grams
  • Precision Hex Joints & anti-twist handle
  • Adjustable 180- 210 cm length
  • Includes heavy-duty carry case
  • Packed dimensions- 65 x 40cm
  • 2 Year Total-care warranty


Those looking for a compact, high-performance paddle that isn't compromised by loose joints. High-tech materials & precision joints mean the Odyssey feels solid and capable in any condition on any day.

Evolution Odyssey Highlights

A light and powerful 4-piece paddle with a heavy-duty travel case. Made with 12K pre-preg carbon and precision hex joints to provide a no-compromise feel in the water.

The Evolution Carbon paddle is a versatile paddle combining skilled craftsmanship, premium materials and technology. The modern blade shape combines the control and predictability of a tear-drop-shaped paddle with the power generated by a square blade. The precision Hex joint system replaces the lower clamps to provide a solid, unified feeling in the water, unlike any other compact paddle.

The double dihedral blade profile is built around a high-density PVC core, which creates the paddle's power and control. The dihedral shape on the front makes every blade stroke smooth and controlled without any feathering through the water—an essential feature for beginners and expert paddlers alike. The second dihedral profile on the back provides the blades rigidity and transfers every ounce of power from the paddler to forward motion.

From our Evolution series, the Evolution Carbon paddle is constructed using aerospace-grade pre-impregnated 12K carbon with a matte finish. This means that the carbon sheets include the perfect amount of resin, which is hand-pressed into the mold and cured under pressure and heat in an autoclave. This industry-leading process produces carbon structures that are ~30% lighter and stronger than standard carbon alternatives.
Blade Size 420 x 180mm
Blade Area 555 cm²
Blade Angle 8.75 °
Adjustable Length 180 to 210 cm
Blade Material HDPE core + 6 Layers Carbon + Fiberglass Stringer
Shaft Material 12k Pre-Preg Carbon
Shaft Joint Precision Hex with Machined Pin
Handle Shape Anti-Twist with Ergo Grip
Weight 670 grams


The carbon one-piece handle includes a grove and notch that keep the handle and blade aligned for quick and easy adjustments out on the water.


Every paddle in the Honu range comes with a full replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects for two years.


Usually reserved for race cars and spacecraft, the Evolution paddle blades are crafted with pre-impregnated carbon that is then cured under pressure in an autoclave oven.


Replacing the standard rounded connection with an engineered hexagonal joint removes the need for a clamp and any possibility of the blade twisting in the shaft.


This engineered shape provides strength, stability and power. Water pulls evenly across the blade without feathering, while the front dihedral provides the strength.


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